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Hi there!
Welcome to the world of Atomos! Atomos are the future of robots. They are not only good at answering questions and lifting heavy weights, but also are super smart emotionally.
TG700 is an Atomo. He is the latest generation Mall Assistant Atomo created by a group of super talented engineers. Like his fellow Atomos, TG700 is also equipped with the latest and greatest Personality Engine. But he hasn't quite learned how to behave around humans, and makes a lot of funny mistakes..

This original webcomic is created by a group of Roboticists and AI Engineers who worked at Google, NASA, Nvidia, and CMU. We spent numerous hours hacking on Robotics and AI, and we want to make learning Robotics and AI fun and simple for everyone. We hope that with this knowledge, everyone can build their own Atomo!
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